Thomas Beaumont

Thomas Beaumont

Thomas was born in the small south-western city of Pau, France where he learned violin, piano and guitar (merci Bertrand) while eating cheese, drinking red wine and force-feeding his geese in what one can only assume is a typical French upbringing.

Thomas ventured to Montpellier at the turn of the century where he helped form StereoFungus and Ninja Force before moving on to New Caledonia in 2004. Here he had the honour to play with artists such as Dominique Colas (Nea Combo Diffuzion), Charly Sabban & Pierre Ardorino (Whizz Bang & The Peaceful Monkeys).

By 2007, Thomas was drawn to the bright lights of Syd­ney, Aus­tralia with an even greater urge to spread his musical seed and impregnate the ears and minds of the world. Tom bolted his way through a series of bands including the then-unknown NZ pop sensations Gin Wig­more and Zowie, the joke-metal powerhouse Smotherbox and finally the funk-rock enigma Filthy Kazoo where he met future Scandalgate frontman, Stephen Baker.

Filthy Kazoo disbanded in early 2011 but rising out of the ashes like the mighty phoenix came a project so ambitious, so promising and so ripe with talent, charm and sheer awesomeness that it would finally mean for Thomas a stable outlet for which to channel the great mysteries of the universe into a well structured 4 minute song. That outlet is Scandalgate.

Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker

Stephen was born in Christchurch, New Zealand where he presumably spent his early years romancing sheep and chasing hobbits for their delicious hobbit-meats.

After a few years of ill-fated garage projects Stephen moved northwards to Wellington in 2004 where miscommunication in the ‘wanted’ ad had Stephen auditioning not as the guitarist, but as singer for the metal band Viscera – later Macabre Deluxe. The band recorded their debut album ‘Nightmare Box’ in 2007 and moved to the UK to make their big break. They promptly disbanded. Unfazed by this obstacle, Stephen joined the magnificent, Bristol-based, hippy-jam-alt-jazz machine, Sweet Potato for a brief period only to be forced back home by the country’s stringent visa laws but not before releasing ‘Mash’ in 2009.

Before leaving Bristol, Stephen had eerie visions and revelations so vivid he could swear he was being fed thoughts directly from the future. Without sense or known purpose, he knew where his next destination was going to be. In 2009, Stephen landed in Sydney, Australia where after searching for a while he found what seemed to be the perfect vehicle for his ambitions – the mighty Filthy Kazoo.

Good fortune soon turned to routine tension and the band reluctantly disbanded in 2011 but not before an organic musical chemistry had been built between Stephen and Filthy Kazoo guitarist, Thomas Beaumont. Stephen and Thomas found in the wake of their previous band’s demise they could form an entity for which all their musical aspirations could be expressed in a style that encompassed both great sound with sheer class. That entity is Scandalgate.


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