After a num­ber of vinyl press­ing issues, a busy hol­i­day sched­ule and the birth of a tiny wee baby, Scan­dal­gate are hap­py to final­ly announce the release date of their debut album — For The Let­ter Kills. This eight-track col­lec­tion of songs encom­pass­es five years of song-writ­ing and a musi­cal part­ner­ship that has fine tuned eight out­stand­ing tracks to their final form.

The album launch has been set for Feb­ru­ary 6 at The Newsagency which is locat­ed at 375 Enmore Road, Mar­rickville. Tick­ets for this event can be pur­chased through The venue has a very lim­it­ed capac­i­ty so we encour­age you to get your tick­ets ear­ly.

For this event, Scan­dal­gate are grate­ful to be sup­port­ed by the beau­ti­ful, soul­ful voice of Lola Sola and the grit­ty slide-blues mae­stro Nick Mur­ray to make this show an evening of acoustic rev­el­ry not to be missed and which will sure­ly not be for­got­ten


Well that eight months went fast…

We’re hold­ing in our hands the test press­es for our debut album ‘For The Let­ter Kills’ and we can say with­out any hint of bias that it sounds amaz­ing. This web­site feels like the neglect­ed great-uncle of the cool­er, younger and rich­er Face­book page which has more up-to-date news but we promise to show more care in the future lest the state takes it away due to neglect.

Stay tuned for more news and details of our approach­ing album release in the not-too-dis­tant-future!


We’ve been out of action late­ly fin­ish­ing our upcom­ing album which is now mixed and ready for mas­ter­ing. We have eight tracks we are very proud of and we are espe­cial­ly grate­ful to good folk at Brain Stu­dios, Sur­ry Hills for assist­ing us along the way.

Also, our web­site is under­go­ing some changes so we’ve closed  a few of the sec­tions off but they’ll be back soon with some updat­ed photos/videos etc. Final­ly, our live show will return short­ly and we hope to have a vinyl hard­copy for you to take home in the not-too-dis­tant future.



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