(Music coming soon…)

Careful reminiscence is the centre stone that keeps a man alive
Layer thin in thicker skin, a secret surfacing can make you blind
A game of chance and choices made
Burned bridges pave the way back to your home

And there we found you hanging around, confusion on your face
A systematic torture
An avalanching pace
We gather up the pieces and try to understand
Then settle on a tragedy our years have laid to rest
And piece by piece our understanding buckles at the knee

The howling at your door
That lurching, silent drawl
That whispers in my ear and stokes the echoes like a hall

This mocking mirror’s eyes forces itself inside
To pull the beating guilt that turns the knife slowly through time

This blackboard’s open wide
Fingernails scratch out your name
Spiral out. You never doubt the thickness of this stain

Release is not forgiving. All shadows have their place
And there’s no light to hide the mark that’s scrawled across your face

No reflection will look a back and return what you stole
As the mouth of a noose head waits there to swallow your face whole

Cop it just a little too late, I guess we’ll never get an answer
So we’ll make one ourselves
And I’ll be out in the backyard burying things I’ll never tell
Played the pieces well.
The gift of the hard sell
You took us for a good ride
And now you’re mortal in a flesh and soul
I guess this is our goodbye

It’s done, move on
Far fading, the penance paid anew
It’s yours, you’re truth
Don’t look for the things you can’t look through


ScandalGate 2015