(Music com­ing soon…)

The handcuff’s off my fin­ger
The burden’s base has gone away
The best part about her was the way that she made me
See the bet­ter things right in front of my face

Are you a friend and lover?
Sig­nif­i­cant oth­er?
Or just anoth­er vehi­cle to project your pain?
I’m sor­ry but I’m not get­ting any younger
Slam the door behind me and I’m think­ing that I’m bet­ter this way

Stake you claim to my lim­it
I’ll take your pace as a sign
Inevitabil­i­ty is a method you missed
So find anoth­er shoul­der to cry on

Too many rules has me kick­ing the stool
As I swing into anoth­er life
Tell me why would you want me if I need­ed per­sua­sion
Sor­ry now princess but I guess I’m just not your type

With a bow and a curt­sy, I’m the last stop on your tour
This inane group ther­a­py doesn’t help at all
And I lay on the line in sand, I’m not try­ing any­more
As the fat lady sings her last line, I’ll be out the door



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