(Music coming soon…)

The handcuff’s off my finger
The burden’s base has gone away
The best part about her was the way that she made me
See the better things right in front of my face

Are you a friend and lover?
Significant other?
Or just another vehicle to project your pain?
I’m sorry but I’m not getting any younger
Slam the door behind me and I’m thinking that I’m better this way

Stake you claim to my limit
I’ll take your pace as a sign
Inevitability is a method you missed
So find another shoulder to cry on

Too many rules has me kicking the stool
As I swing into another life
Tell me why would you want me if I needed persuasion
Sorry now princess but I guess I’m just not your type

With a bow and a curtsy, I’m the last stop on your tour
This inane group therapy doesn’t help at all
And I lay on the line in sand, I’m not trying anymore
As the fat lady sings her last line, I’ll be out the door



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