I’m a silent battery, I’m coming for you
Playing favourites is a complicated game
When I talk, man, you will listen.
I assure you that I wield a history of suffering

Kind of feels like
A weightless duty on summer’s day
You’re calling me out on a promised made
You may dive deeper than I want you to
Find that failing in a perfect jewel

Wrap tight, right around the time that I pass over
The stained door, it wept a red letter for me
Something’s going down in the air tonight

See? I’m not your enemy
Don’t paint this a killing spree
I’m just making you people see

That when I’m mad
I reference precedence
Try as hard as I might
I just can’t get it right

You take them out to answer for this wrath of will
Unspoken laws that guide my esoteric hand
To create, love
Then destroy man

Failed and fallen, his ego swells
There’s a method to this game
Just like pitting dogs in the underground
And absolving all the blame
And does his righteous hand have some fucked up plan?
Tell me, someone please explain
And if that’s your god, well then shoot me now
So I can ask him to his face



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ScandalGate 2015