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She lays low
Riding on a halo
Alone, she knows this space is just a wasteland
Fading off into the night

And lying out on the horizon
From a lover’s stone the bow is drawn
The seeds are sown and turn towards the light

She says, “Wake me, if this is just a dream
And break me if it is required
And take me and tear me at the seams
It’s too long since I felt alive”

A bell tolls in the distance
The stars avert their eyes
But longing she waits here
With her arms open wide
In silent volition
This catastrophile
She begs to be broken
Burnt and buried alive

No passing over
Ahead turns to a swell
No Casanova
But a match made in hell

Fall into ruin and wait for the rise
This teething existence
Just cause for the child

Mace upon the mantle
The heart falls into the cradle
Cast into the future
And wraps right around a fable

A silent stare from a midnight’s eye
A down to Earth reminder
Passing life is a violent game
That lingers on beside her



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