Thomas Beau­mont

Thomas Beaumont

Thomas was born in the small south-west­ern city of Pau, France where he learned vio­lin, piano and gui­tar (mer­ci Bertrand) while eat­ing cheese, drink­ing red wine and force-feed­ing his geese in what one can only assume is a typ­i­cal French upbring­ing.

Thomas ven­tured to Mont­pel­li­er at the turn of the cen­tu­ry where he helped form Stere­o­Fun­gus and Nin­ja Force before mov­ing on to New Cale­do­nia in 2004. Here he had the hon­our to play with artists such as Dominique Colas (Nea Com­bo Dif­fuzion), Char­ly Sab­ban & Pierre Ardori­no (Whizz Bang & The Peace­ful Mon­keys).

By 2007, Thomas was drawn to the bright lights of Syd­ney, Aus­tralia with an even greater urge to spread his musi­cal seed and impreg­nate the ears and minds of the world. Tom bolt­ed his way through a series of bands includ­ing the then-unknown NZ pop sen­sa­tions Gin Wig­more and Zowie, the joke-met­al pow­er­house Smoth­er­box and final­ly the funk-rock enig­ma Filthy Kazoo where he met future Scan­dal­gate front­man, Stephen Bak­er.

Filthy Kazoo dis­band­ed in ear­ly 2011 but ris­ing out of the ash­es like the mighty phoenix came a project so ambi­tious, so promis­ing and so ripe with tal­ent, charm and sheer awe­some­ness that it would final­ly mean for Thomas a sta­ble out­let for which to chan­nel the great mys­ter­ies of the uni­verse into a well struc­tured 4 minute song. That out­let is Scan­dal­gate.

Stephen Bak­er

Stephen Baker

Stephen was born in Christchurch, New Zealand where he pre­sum­ably spent his ear­ly years romanc­ing sheep and chas­ing hob­bits for their deli­cious hob­bit-meats.

After a few years of ill-fat­ed garage projects Stephen moved north­wards to Welling­ton in 2004 where mis­com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the ‘want­ed’ ad had Stephen audi­tion­ing not as the gui­tarist, but as singer for the met­al band Vis­cera — lat­er Macabre Deluxe. The band record­ed their debut album ‘Night­mare Box’ in 2007 and moved to the UK to make their big break. They prompt­ly dis­band­ed. Unfazed by this obsta­cle, Stephen joined the mag­nif­i­cent, Bris­tol-based, hip­py-jam-alt-jazz machine, Sweet Pota­to for a brief peri­od only to be forced back home by the country’s strin­gent visa laws but not before releas­ing ‘Mash’ in 2009.

Before leav­ing Bris­tol, Stephen had eerie visions and rev­e­la­tions so vivid he could swear he was being fed thoughts direct­ly from the future. With­out sense or known pur­pose, he knew where his next des­ti­na­tion was going to be. In 2009, Stephen land­ed in Syd­ney, Aus­tralia where after search­ing for a while he found what seemed to be the per­fect vehi­cle for his ambi­tions — the mighty Filthy Kazoo.

Good for­tune soon turned to rou­tine ten­sion and the band reluc­tant­ly dis­band­ed in 2011 but not before an organ­ic musi­cal chem­istry had been built between Stephen and Filthy Kazoo gui­tarist, Thomas Beau­mont. Stephen and Thomas found in the wake of their pre­vi­ous band’s demise they could form an enti­ty for which all their musi­cal aspi­ra­tions could be expressed in a style that encom­passed both great sound with sheer class. That enti­ty is Scan­dal­gate.


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