(Music com­ing soon…)

Care­ful rem­i­nis­cence is the cen­tre stone that keeps a man alive
Lay­er thin in thick­er skin, a secret sur­fac­ing can make you blind
A game of chance and choic­es made
Burned bridges pave the way back to your home

And there we found you hang­ing around, con­fu­sion on your face
A sys­tem­at­ic tor­ture
An avalanch­ing pace
We gath­er up the pieces and try to under­stand
Then set­tle on a tragedy our years have laid to rest
And piece by piece our under­stand­ing buck­les at the knee

The howl­ing at your door
That lurch­ing, silent drawl
That whis­pers in my ear and stokes the echoes like a hall

This mock­ing mirror’s eyes forces itself inside
To pull the beat­ing guilt that turns the knife slow­ly through time

This blackboard’s open wide
Fin­ger­nails scratch out your name
Spi­ral out. You nev­er doubt the thick­ness of this stain

Release is not for­giv­ing. All shad­ows have their place
And there’s no light to hide the mark that’s scrawled across your face

No reflec­tion will look a back and return what you stole
As the mouth of a noose head waits there to swal­low your face whole

Cop it just a lit­tle too late, I guess we’ll nev­er get an answer
So we’ll make one our­selves
And I’ll be out in the back­yard bury­ing things I’ll nev­er tell
Played the pieces well.
The gift of the hard sell
You took us for a good ride
And now you’re mor­tal in a flesh and soul
I guess this is our good­bye

It’s done, move on
Far fad­ing, the penance paid anew
It’s yours, you’re truth
Don’t look for the things you can’t look through


ScandalGate 2015