I’m a silent bat­tery, I’m com­ing for you
Play­ing favourites is a com­pli­cat­ed game
When I talk, man, you will lis­ten.
I assure you that I wield a his­to­ry of suf­fer­ing

Kind of feels like
A weight­less duty on summer’s day
You’re call­ing me out on a promised made
You may dive deep­er than I want you to
Find that fail­ing in a per­fect jew­el

Wrap tight, right around the time that I pass over
The stained door, it wept a red let­ter for me
Something’s going down in the air tonight

See? I’m not your ene­my
Don’t paint this a killing spree
I’m just mak­ing you peo­ple see

That when I’m mad
I ref­er­ence prece­dence
Try as hard as I might
I just can’t get it right

You take them out to answer for this wrath of will
Unspo­ken laws that guide my eso­teric hand
To cre­ate, love
Then destroy man

Failed and fall­en, his ego swells
There’s a method to this game
Just like pit­ting dogs in the under­ground
And absolv­ing all the blame
And does his right­eous hand have some fucked up plan?
Tell me, some­one please explain
And if that’s your god, well then shoot me now
So I can ask him to his face



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ScandalGate 2015