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She lays low
Rid­ing on a halo
Alone, she knows this space is just a waste­land
Fad­ing off into the night

And lying out on the hori­zon
From a lover’s stone the bow is drawn
The seeds are sown and turn towards the light

She says, “Wake me, if this is just a dream
And break me if it is required
And take me and tear me at the seams
It’s too long since I felt alive”

A bell tolls in the dis­tance
The stars avert their eyes
But long­ing she waits here
With her arms open wide
In silent voli­tion
This cat­a­strophile
She begs to be bro­ken
Burnt and buried alive

No pass­ing over
Ahead turns to a swell
No Casano­va
But a match made in hell

Fall into ruin and wait for the rise
This teething exis­tence
Just cause for the child

Mace upon the man­tle
The heart falls into the cra­dle
Cast into the future
And wraps right around a fable

A silent stare from a midnight’s eye
A down to Earth reminder
Pass­ing life is a vio­lent game
That lingers on beside her



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